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  • Thule SnowPack (M) – ski rack review

    Contrary to my planning to buy a full-size roof box, I have now decided for the Thule SnowPack in size M for this year’s skiing season. In this short review I would like to show this in combination with the Thule Wingbar roof racks. Since we regularly go skiing with multiple people, I decided to […]

  • Hands-On the Thule Wingbar Edge 9582 Roof Rack

    Just as I have written a review on the Thule EasyFold XT2 this spring, I would like to write a compact check-up, suitable for the start of the winter season, about the Thule Wingbar Edge 9582 (B) black edition that I purchased for little below three hundred Euros. Even though the aesthetics of such setups […]

  • Calling GraphQL queries in Dynamics NAV using RESTSharp

    In my last project I had, once again, the task to develop an external webservice connection in NAV 2016 (C/AL). The goal was to fetch orders from an API in dynamics nav and write back some states. In itself this is of course a simple story. But in this case, I came across GraphQL for […]

  • How-To implement Azure Functions in Visual Studio Code

    This is a Dummies tutorial to implementing Azure Functions in Visual Studio Code. As part of a demo & presentation, I have started to create centrally available, .NET based functions, such as barcode or PDF recognition, in Azure Functions. Our consultants should get an opportunity to use central “Comsol Library / Microservices” to save time and effort instead of implementing those wide-spread functions again and again.

  • Docker crash while switching to Windows Containers (Update 3.6.0)

    Today I realized that there is a new update for my Docker Desktop to version 3.6.0. However, after the update, Docker is unfortunately no longer starting. When booting the service, an exception appeared saying that access to “daemon.json” is denied. Apparently, the update must have reset the permissions or set them incorrectly.

  • HeartBeatz: Apple Watch heartrate on Garmin Edge 830

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see your Apple Watch heartrate on your Garmin device? To facilitate navigation and finding new routes for our e-bike tours, I bought a Garmin Edge 830 in the middle of last year. The main reason was the coupling of the device with the well-known app Komoot. This app gives us […]

  • Check network printer status (online/offline) in BC OnPrem

    In a recent Business Central 16 OnPrem project, a colleague had the problem of having to detect whether a printer was online or offline. Based on this, he wanted to decide on which device the printout should land. After making sure that we were dealing exclusively with network printers, we decided to check whether a […]

  • How-To extract .crt and .key from a .pfx certificate

    In the course of setting up our Azure KeyVault, we also had to assign an appropriate certificate in the Azure App Registration. To do this, however, it was necessary to extract a .crt, .pem or .cer certificate from our existing wildcard certificate. Unfortunately i had only the .pfx file available. You can achieve this with […]

  • Use Azure KeyVaults in BC OnPrem

    Over the last few days, I’ve been doing a bit of research on Azure KeyVaults in BC. Actually. we want to setup our Extensions to retrieve API keys, passwords etc. from the latter. This has the advantage that we no longer have to hide the secrets somewhere in the code, but in a central location…. […]

  • How-To convert mutated vowels (Umlaute) to readable text

    This is a snippet to convert “German Umlaute” to the correct text if you have Codepage problems. expected output: ä ö ü ß actual output: ä ö ü ß Name Type IsC3 Boolean Char Text Counter Integer Like

  • A simple Python REST API-Template on Azure App Services

    In the last few days, I finally found the time to get in touch with Python a bit. The programming language is known to be very widespread and offers almost infinite possibilities besides PowerShell-style automation, data science and web development…. In the area of Business Central, some people might know it in the context of […]

  • “You do not have a paid license for production companies” license error in Business Central (cloud BacPac restore)

    We currently had a customer’s requirement to create a local test environment from a Business Central Cloud backup (BacPac). To achieve this using Docker, FreddyK’s blog post is very helpful and recommended. After we cleared all the hurdles and had a working database, we constantly ran into the following License error in Business Central when […]

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