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Changes in Windows 11 (22H2) break printer selection

At the moment we receive more and more requests that the printer selection in NAV/BC does not work as expected anymore as it always resets to the default printer. It seems that Microsoft has changed the default printer dialog with the update to Windows 11, Version 22H2. Presumably the problem…

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MS365BC JSON Viewer FactBox

In my daily work I often encounter interfaces and web services of any kind. Whether inbound or outbound, they usually use some kind of payload in the form of JSON these days. No matter if it’s the outgoing object or the response of the web service. Since I fundamentally implement…

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How-To loop through OData pages (@odata.nextLink) using AL

As most of you know, OData (and probably several other implementations) use server-driven pagination to load the data incrementally and improve the response times. This means if you have a big result set, the server will tell you how to aquire the next page of results. Here you find a…

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