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Docker is an open source software that allows you to create and run containers to isolate and virtualize applications. Microsoft has provided us with a very powerful and efficient tool through the availability of NAV Docker images and navcontainerhelper.

Use Azure KeyVaults in BC OnPrem

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing a bit of research on Azure KeyVaults in BC. Actually. we want to setup our Extensions to retrieve API keys, passwords etc. from the latter. This has the advantage that we no longer have to hide the secrets somewhere in the code, but in a central location…. […]

Webservice Debugging in AL using Docker

A common requirement in API development is Webservice Debugging in AL. Probably you have to write an AL extension to consume an external webservice. For sure, you want to intercept the web requests and interprete the results or the errors. But Webservice Debugging in AL isn‘t that easy using Docker containers. Although there are developers […]

How to get BC 365 Insider Previews on Docker

Attention: This post is deprecated and updated here! It took me a while to install the Docker bcinsider preview images for D365 Business Central. Credentials for this private repository could be found at Microsoft Collaborate (read more). So, here’s my snippet to use with navcontainerhelper. Now you can easily create your Docker container using New-BCContainer.