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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning system developed by Microsoft. The product is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and is the successor product to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here you’ll find content concerning AL programming and BC related technology.

PAYONE API HMAC authentication in AL

This is one of the more specific posts about API authentication in Business Central. But probably someone could use the snippets for his own implementation. Right now we’re implementing the payment API of PAYONE for one of our customers. This provider needs the API request headers and additional information to be hashed using HMAC256 and […]

Error installing BC22 WebClient on Windows Server 2022 (AspNetCoreModuleV2)

In a recent customer installation we ran into an error “Required IIS module AspNetCoreModuleV2 missing” when trying to install the WebClient components in the Dynamics 365 Business Central version 22 setup. A manual installation using New-NAVWebServerInstance wasn’t successful aswell. The server was a fully patched Windows Server 2022. Although the installation of the prerequisites didn’t […]

MS365BC JSON Viewer FactBox

In my daily work I often encounter interfaces and web services of any kind. Whether inbound or outbound, they usually use some kind of payload in the form of JSON these days. No matter if it’s the outgoing object or the response of the web service. Since I fundamentally implement strong logging in my extensions, […]

REST API using S2S authentication

With deprecation of the good old basic authentication in Business Central SaaS versions we had to deal with the more complex OAuth authentication flows when we wanted to connect external services to our Business Central REST API. Luckily, Microsoft has provided us with a great and similarly simple option as Basic Auth, the Service to […]

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