Business Central – Azure Key Vault outage / problems (14.03.22)

UPDATE: 16.03.22 – The fix is supposed to be rolled out currently.

UPDATE: 17.03.22 – Problems seem to be solved in all regions.

Currently, there is a confirmed platform issue between Azure Key Vaults and Business Central at Microsoft. Extensions that rely on key vaults receive an error message that the vault cannot be initialized:

image 21

You can find the error in your Application Insights e.g. using this query:

| sort by timestamp
| extend environmentName_ = tostring(customDimensions.environmentName)
| extend environmentType_ = tostring(customDimensions.environmentType)
| extend alAppName_ = tostring(customDimensions.alAppName)
| extend alAppName_ = tostring(customDimensions.httpStatusCode)
| where message contains "Register.KeyVaultError"

I’m surprised that the issue is not making major waves.

So I would be interested to know if you guys already rely on Azure Key Vaults in your Extensions? In our case, we pull our API keys from the vaults, so this problem is huge for us. As a base technology we rely on a certain stability, but no official words from Microsoft regarding this problem.

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