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  • Access Business Central API in Python using MSAL (S2S)

    This is a minimalist way to access the Business Central API in Python using the Service 2 Service authentication (Client_Credentials). It is based on the Microsoft Authentication Library for Python: In the first step, we create a function to obtain a fresh token: Now you could, for example, get all companies with a couple of […]

  • Changes in Windows 11 (22H2) break printer selection

    At the moment we receive more and more requests that the printer selection in NAV/BC does not work as expected anymore as it always resets to the default printer. It seems that Microsoft has changed the default printer dialog with the update to Windows 11, Version 22H2. Presumably the problem will be fixed with another […]

  • MS365BC JSON Viewer FactBox

    In my daily work I often encounter interfaces and web services of any kind. Whether inbound or outbound, they usually use some kind of payload in the form of JSON these days. No matter if it’s the outgoing object or the response of the web service. Since I fundamentally implement strong logging in my extensions, […]

  • How-To loop through OData pages (@odata.nextLink) using AL

    As most of you know, OData (and probably several other implementations) use server-driven pagination to load the data incrementally and improve the response times. This means if you have a big result set, the server will tell you how to aquire the next page of results. Here you find a small AL pattern to loop […]

  • Business Central Webclient SSL error with domain validated certificate using Edge

    This is a short one. Recently we’ve had to build up a new infrastructure at one of our customers. After setting up Business Central and installing the Webclient I faced a problem switching it to SSL using a domain validated certificate. Although Internet Explorer accepted the certificate without a doubt, Microsoft Edge constantly threw the […]

  • How-To failover Services using Azure Traffic Manager

    We sadly just had another ISP failure at the company. Since we, like many others, work mainly from the home office, we had a problem. As we had not yet set up an alternative route to our terminal server, we could not access the company resources for the entire downtime which has caused some resentment […]

  • Business Central – Azure Key Vault outage / problems (14.03.22)

    UPDATE: 16.03.22 – The fix is supposed to be rolled out currently. UPDATE: 17.03.22 – Problems seem to be solved in all regions. Currently, there is a confirmed platform issue between Azure Key Vaults and Business Central at Microsoft. Extensions that rely on key vaults receive an error message that the vault cannot be initialized: […]

  • API Logging without rollback due to hard errors

    In a current API connection in a customer project I have just dealt with the topic of API request logging again. I had already built a small prototype that allows logging via webservice. But it is much easier than that. Namely by using background sessions. This can persist the information despite hard errors in the […]

  • Deploy Azure Functions from an external GIT repository (manual push)

    In this short blog post, I have a look at the possibility to deploy Azure Functions from an external GIT repository. In my specific example, the repository is located in a DevOps repo in a different tenant. If the DevOps instance would be in the same tenant we could actually connect it using the full […]

  • Rossignol REACT R8 HP Ski Review

    This is a small review of my recently acquired ski, the Rossignol React R8 HP Basalt. When we were in Fiberbrunn for a week in early January, I was annoyed after a few days that I only had my relatively wide, not very maneuverable and heavy all-mountain skis with me. And of course, as always, […]

  • REST API using S2S authentication

    With deprecation of the good old basic authentication in Business Central SaaS versions we had to deal with the more complex OAuth authentication flows when we wanted to connect external services to our Business Central REST API. Luckily, Microsoft has provided us with a great and similarly simple option as Basic Auth, the Service to […]

  • Get Integer from Enum in BC 13 and BC 14

    This is just one of my own feature reminders. Since I develop extensions for customers in older Business Central versions (e.g. October 2018 release and April 2019 release) I often run into the problem that many enum functions like AsInteger() are only available in runtime versions > 4.0. Like

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