Use your (unused) computing power to fight Covid-19

Yes, this is not a BC related post! But I think it is worth sharing!

At the moment almost every one of us is directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19 / Corona. Personally, thanks to my responsible employer, I can work from home. In some online magazines and twitter I have now repeatedly found a great idea how you can contribute a little bit to the research of the virus and possible cure against the disease.

You have to install and register in a small app called “Folding@Home” that is usually used to research complex molecular folding in e.g. Alzheimer’s, cancer, Huntington’s or Parkinson’s. At the moment, however, Covid-19 is being targeted with the default settings!

The initiators of the project have now released some promising approaches for calculation. To calculate these huge amounts of data, your computer fetches a small bite of the data and calculates the protein folding results. I more ignorantly suspect that these many folds are an attempt to dock with a cell what could probably be used by a drug or something. But please please correct me 🙂

So a real crowd calculation spread over thousands of computers in the style of, some of you still know it, Seti@Home 🙂

You have several possibilities to set up the application. For example the time of calculation (always or f.ex. only in idle mode). I think it’s a good way to help fight Covid-19, even if only in a very small way!

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