Easily change AL Language Extension in VS Code

In the last days I had the case that I worked in an older Business Central v13 customer database with the latest AL Language Extension. What normally works largely without problems, has cost me nerves at the example of the Enums. You get methods displayed that are only supported in more recent versions.

So I was searching the right way to utilize them:

change AL Language Extension

To work around this, I finally wanted to install the appropriate .vsix. Thereby I noticed that there is (meanwhile!?) a possibility to choose the AL Language version “freely”. There is a function called “Install Another Version” in the extension tab:

2021 02 05 11 08 32 Extension AL Language Projekte.GeigerNotes Workspace Visual Studio Code

Now we could easily switch versions to whatever we want:

2021 02 05 11 15 59 BussIOManagement.Codeunit.al Projekte.GeigerNotes Workspace Visual Studio

This way there’s no need to deactivate or install the versions manually.
I didn’t know about this, so probably it helps one or the other as well.

... is a technical consultant and developer at Comsol Unternehmenslösungen AG in Kronberg/Taunus. Major tasks are the architecture and implementation of complex, usually cross-system applications in and around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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