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  • How to get BC 365 Insider Previews on Docker

    Attention: This post is deprecated and updated here! It took me a while to install the Docker bcinsider preview images for D365 Business Central. Credentials for this private repository could be found at Microsoft Collaborate (read more). So, here’s my snippet to use with navcontainerhelper. Now you can easily create your Docker container using New-BCContainer. […]

  • Method overloading in AL

    Yet another cool feature in AL is method overloading. Imagine having a method being able to accept different paramters. What’s very common in most other modern languages just arrived in BC right now. In good old C/AL times you would have created several different methods… probably with some kind of a proxy method to prevent […]

  • Example Extension: Interfaces in AL

    One of the most impactful new features of the upcoming Business Central Spring Release 2020 will be interfaces. Interfaces are the strict building plan for implementing codeunits referencing on it. The interface itself only keeps the definition of the used methods, not the implementation itself. Contract Here’s our contract for the upcoming implementations of the […]

  • TempBlob & Base64 with AL

    Some of you guys might have noticed that our beloved record “Temp Blob” will soon vanish. It has been marked as deprecated for quite some time now and will be replaced by the new “blob storage module”. So, we’ll find them in codeunits for TempBlob & Base64. What we get? First, there’s the new codeunit […]

  • Review der Clark App – Versicherungen im Handy

    Da ich in der letzten Zeit, zumindest entgegen der letzten 20 Jahre, angefangen habe, mich ein wenig für meine Versicherungen zu interessieren, bin ich kurzerhand auf die Suche nach Versicherungs-Apps gegangen. Ziel war, sämtliche Versicherungen zu digitalisieren und somit nachvollziehbar zu machen. Keine Frage, wer sich mit dem Thema persönlich auseinandergesetzt hat und ein wenig […]

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