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Check network printer status (online/offline) in BC OnPrem

In a recent Business Central 16 OnPrem project, a colleague had the problem of having to detect whether a printer was online or offline. Based on this, he wanted to decide on which device the printout should land. After making sure that we were dealing exclusively with network printers, we…

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How-To extract .crt and .key from a .pfx certificate

In the course of setting up our Azure KeyVault, we also had to assign an appropriate certificate in the Azure App Registration. To do this, however, it was necessary to extract a .crt, .pem or .cer certificate from our existing wildcard certificate. Unfortunately i had only the .pfx file available….

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Use Azure KeyVaults in BC OnPrem

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing a bit of research on Azure KeyVaults in BC. Actually. we want to setup our Extensions to retrieve API keys, passwords etc. from the latter. This has the advantage that we no longer have to hide the secrets somewhere in the code,…

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How-To convert mutated vowels (Umlaute) to readable text

This is a snippet to convert “German Umlaute” to the correct text if you have Codepage problems. expected output:ä ö ü ßactual output:ä ö ü ß FormatTextAsUTF8(Text : Text[1024]) NAVText : Text[1024] FOR Counter := 1 TO STRLEN(Text) DO BEGIN Char := COPYSTR(Text,Counter,1); IF Char[1] = 195 THEN // C3…

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