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Get Integer from Enum in BC 13 and BC 14

This is just one of my own feature reminders. Since I develop extensions for customers in older Business Central versions (e.g. October 2018 release and April 2019 release) I often run into the problem that many enum functions like AsInteger() are only available in runtime versions > 4.0. So to…

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Calling GraphQL queries in Dynamics NAV using RESTSharp

In my last project I had, once again, the task to develop an external webservice connection in NAV 2016 (C/AL). The goal was to fetch orders from an API in dynamics nav and write back some states. In itself this is of course a simple story. But in this case,…

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Docker crash while switching to Windows Containers (Update 3.6.0)

Today I realized that there is a new update for my Docker Desktop to version 3.6.0. However, after the update, Docker is unfortunately no longer starting. When booting the service, an exception appeared saying that access to “daemon.json” is denied. Apparently, the update must have reset the permissions or set…
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