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Business Central – Azure Key Vault outage / problems (14.03.22)

UPDATE: 16.03.22 – The fix is supposed to be rolled out currently. UPDATE: 17.03.22 – Problems seem to be solved in all regions. Currently, there is a confirmed platform issue between Azure Key Vaults and Business Central at Microsoft. Extensions that rely on key vaults receive an error message that…

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API Logging without rollback due to hard errors

In a current API connection in a customer project I have just dealt with the topic of API request logging again. I had already built a small prototype that allows logging via webservice. But it is much easier than that. Namely by using background sessions. This can persist the information…

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REST API using S2S authentication

With deprecation of the good old basic authentication in Business Central SaaS versions we had to deal with the more complex OAuth authentication flows when we wanted to connect external services to our Business Central REST API. Luckily, Microsoft has provided us with a great and similarly simple option as…

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