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  • A short explanation of InStream and OutStream

    I think one of the most frequent google searches in my earlier years as a Dynamics NAV / Business Central developer was looking up the magic of InStream and OutStream handling. So, here’s just a short explanation of InStream and OutStream. Types of Streams In my opinion, the major problem is that the naming of […]

  • Update: How to get BC 365 Insider Previews on Docker

    Today I was informed by my colleagues that the installation of “next version” Business Central containers doesn’t work anymore (as described here). So we took a look into the Partner Center to find out that the new bccontainerhelper now has its own functions for that. So this is just a little update on this: In […]

  • Listening to Webhooks using PowerShell

    Recently I’ve listened to a genuinely nice and interesting session at Directions EMEA concerning usage of webhooks in Azure Devops. The idea of Kamil Sacek was to create e.g., a docker container with a certain Business Central version for local development. If the developer is creating a new workitem and adding a new branch to […]

  • Create an XML Document in AL

    Since my colleagues ask me about this from time to time, I have created a small example for the creation of an XML with the new AL types in Business Central. It contains the creation of the document and some nodes, the appending of attributes and filling with text. This should be enough to master […]

  • Canyon Neuron:ON 7.0 Review

    This is just a little placeholder for my 2019 Neuron:ON 7.0 Review. … If you ask yourself how to carry your bike in a compact hatchback, my review of the Thule EasyFold XT2 might be interesting for you: Thule EasyFold XT 2 Review | j3ns.de Helpful Links:Test: Canyon Neuron:On 7.0 (Modelljahr 2019) | mountainbike-magazin.de (mountainbike-magazin.de) […]

  • File Downloads using HttpClient

    This post is just a little reminder to me and some of you might compassionately smile. But I have recently spent hours racking my brains why I only get “empty” files when I download a “simple” PDF using HttpClient in a Business Central AL extension (although file-size and general sizing of the pdf files were […]

  • OAuth 2.0 / JWT in AL

    A lot of webservices use token-based authentication today. Among many other advantages, the authentication token has a certain lifetime, which results in the fact that the re-authentication must happen only very irregularly. This minimizes the authentication requests as the token could be reused. A standard protocol for this type of authentication flow is OAuth / […]

  • Useful GIT commands and alias/shortcuts

    This is something you might also be familiar with. We at Comsol Unternehmenslösungen AG are passionately discovering the new possibilities AND responsibilities Microsoft offers us in D365 Business Central with AL, GIT and VS Code. Especially GIT is a challenge as it is a technical hurdle for some of the colleagues. Little by little we […]

  • Use your (unused) computing power to fight Covid-19

    Yes, this is not a BC related post! But I think it is worth sharing! At the moment almost every one of us is directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19 / Corona. Personally, thanks to my responsible employer, I can work from home. In some online magazines and twitter I have now repeatedly found a […]

  • Webservice Debugging in AL using Docker

    A common requirement in API development is Webservice Debugging in AL. Probably you have to write an AL extension to consume an external webservice. For sure, you want to intercept the web requests and interprete the results or the errors. But Webservice Debugging in AL isn‘t that easy using Docker containers. Although there are developers […]

  • Business Central REST API via JavaScript

    I’ve just had the task to connect a new customer to one of our Node.JS webservices, in this case a payment notification service. So, payment providers like Adyen, Ingenico and Crefopay are constantly pushing some kind of payload (xml, json) against our service endpoint, and the service works like a proxy. It looks up and […]

  • Prototype: Logging without Commit in AL

    Update: There’s probably a better solution so solve this, especially in newer versions. Just use background sessions. Recently i had an idea to create a persistent error logging in Business Central 365 without having to commit the transaction. I think every (add-on-) developer has this problem from time to time. How to handle and especially […]

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