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  • Auto-Update VS Code on Terminal Servers (RDS / Citrix)

    Of course, in corona times, we also work mostly from home. To access the companies’ resources, we use Microsoft’s RDS as our terminal server solution. Aswell for our developers. Here, however, we repeatedly encountered the problem that we could only update Visual Studio Code with difficulty. Sometimes there’s still open processes of users (that forgot […]

  • Restore SQL/BC Database via PowerShell

    There are a million scripts out there to Restore SQL/BC Database (Dynamics NAV / Business Central) in the web… So why shouldn’t there be another one 😛 What it does It’s a simple PowerShell script iterating over the defined directories and restoring the database to the last transaction log. For me… It’s my “sleep better […]

  • How-To Auto-Update PowerShell modules

    Here’s a little snippet i extensively use in my scripts. It helps to check if there’s updates for your PowerShell modules and installs them if available. In this example, I want to use two different PowerShell modules bccontainerhelper and sqlserver. Actually, this could be used in all PowerShell scripts that don’t depend on a specific […]

  • Aero Leather – Cafe Racer jacket

    I’ve always loved wearing leather (cafe racer) jackets… Simple ones, combined with a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and well-made boots. Like most, I started many years ago with the inexpensive versions from the department store, then worked my way up to the classic fashion brands like Boss or Tigha up to the higher priced jackets […]

  • Proxy problems with DotNet API requests (CRL)

    Recently we faced an interesting support case with one of our addon customers migrating to Business Central v17. On the customers site, the REST Api calls of our server-side DotNet component constantly kept running into TLS/SSL errors. Since a non-transparent proxy is used in the customer environment it was obvious where the problem had its […]

  • How-To create Barcodes in C/AL using the ZXing.NET library

    In a recent project, I had the requirement to create barcodes in a simple and straightforward way. In this context I came across the Open-Source component ZXing. For this component, which is originally implemented in Java, there is fortunately also a C# port on GitHub available. With its help, you can read and write barcodes […]

  • Easily change AL Language Extension in VS Code

    In the last days I had the case that I worked in an older Business Central v13 customer database with the latest AL Language Extension. What normally works largely without problems, has cost me nerves at the example of the Enums. You get methods displayed that are only supported in more recent versions. So I […]

  • Implementing PHP’s KSORT in Dynamics NAV

    This is just an undocumented snipped of my KSORT (php) implementation in C/AL using .NET. Maybe someone of you also has the requirement to implement this sorting algorithm. I had to use it in combination with a HMAC calculation for a REST request call. Yes, this doesn’t cover all functions KSORT offers, but it might […]

  • How-To update outdated BC License in Docker Containers

    Perhaps you have already come across this topic. If you run into an expired Business Central or Dynamics NAV license in your containers, the update of the license does not work via Import-NavContainerLicense(). As some colleagues have described it in this issue on GitHub, the instance might no longer be accessible due to the expired […]

  • Print ZPL to socket in AL (Business Central OnPrem)

    Here you find a snippet to print to a socket directly in Business Central OnPrem or Dynamics NAV (as the DotNet could be run in C/AL as well). This could be helpful if you would like to print to e.g., Zebra Printers using ZPL. For testing purposes, I can recommend the ZPL Test App for […]

  • How-To use Page Background Tasks in Business Central

    The other day I had a task where I had to do quite an elaborate calculation to be displayed on a Business Central page. Finally I was able to use the new page background task functionality. The idea behind these page background tasks ist as genius as it is simple. Let’s load intensive data in […]

  • Hands-On the Thule EasyFold XT 2

    E-Biking is great, but how could you carry them in your compact car comfortably if you would like to bike off the home trails? Sure, use the Thule EasyFold XT2!

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